Data4Society is a community of programmers, web-developers and journalists, whose goal is to strengthen civil society through IT-solutions.

Our vision

We love data and we love to make this data available to others for their use.

We believe that in the information field supply breeds demand. Where there are qualitative and well presented data, a lot of ways for sensible usage of them appear.

Civil society - both its organised part, NGOs and non-organised part, and its citizens - produces a giant amount of interesting and important data. Data that is produced by bureaucracy are used for state purpose - for governance and control population. Data that is produced by people are for the better lives of the people. That is why Data4Society prefers to work not with governmental statistics, but with data from the NGOs and crowdsource.

For better representation of independent data and for better understanding of the society we develop web projects for NGOs and grassroots. We make an emphasis on data collecting, database projects, data visualization and data journalism and promote concepts of open data, open source and creative commons in media and non-governmental area.

Key figures

Daniel Beilinson is a programmer with 7 years of experience in web software and database development. He works with different NGOs including Greenpeace, WWF, HRC Memorial, Gift of Life foundation and others.

Boris Beilinson is a web-developer specialized on front-end solutions with 8 years of experience, before shifting to IT-industry he was engaged in robotics projects at Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University. For two years he was a lecturer at Journalism department of Moscow State University with his own course on programming for journalism. For last three years he develops projects for Russian media, environmental and human rights organisations.

Grigory Okhotin is an independent journalist with 15 years of experience in social, political, economical and human rights issues. During his career he has worked in Russian daily newspapers, news agencies and different on-line media. In December 2011 together with Daniel and Boris Beilinson he has launched an independent media project Ovdinfo.Org and later in 2013 they’ve established the Data4Society project - a community of programmers, web-developers and journalists, whose goal is to strenghen civil society through IT-solutions.


Media coverage on Ovdinfo.Org (more than 5000 news and articles)